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Welcome to Foodies Official Asia. The official parent brand of “Foodies OFFICIAL” online communities across social media and website platforms in Asia. 


This website was launched by the Team who began Desperately Seeking – Bangkok (DSBKK) in 2012, and Bangkok Foodies OFFICIAL  2014 in and BangkokFoodies.com in 2017. The founder, a well known food writer in Bangkok who runs her own gastronomy-based marketing consulting company decided to extend the “Foodies OFFICIAL” communities into Asia’s region. 

The creation of the website was Inspired by her work and media trips to different cities in Asia. Here she had a chance to taste the cuisine at famous restaurants by up-and-coming and award-winning chefs, and was further inspired by the incredible local food and culture. These adventures led to the idea of bridging the foodies gap between the Asian cities.

Interview of Samantha Proyrungtong in 2012

About Samantha

Not only will FoodiesOFFICIALAsia.com be a platform for those living and working in Asia to be up-to-date and informed of what’s happening in their parts of the world but also for those lovers of travel and foodie exploration!

FoodiesOFFICIALAsia.com will officially launch on the 13th April 2020. 


FoodiesOFFICIALAsia.com is a Foodies Food Guide and Resource for Gastronomy news in the Asian region. Expect; Culinary News, Restaurant and Dining Recommendations, Chef Interviews, Gastronomical Events; Fairs, Festivals, Forums, Michelin Guide and 50 Best Restaurant Listings.

The Website will also recommend Hotels and Places to Stay in Asia for Food Lovers and also International Travel; Tours, Attractions and Foodie – Related Things to Do in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and China.

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