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By Wariya I.

Since the Coronavirus broke out bars and clubs in Thailand were the firsts asked to temporarily close for 14 days on the 20th March 2020 by the Government, followed by other provinces which drove many people to stock their “water of life” by emptying the alcohol shelves of supermarkets and liquor stores but when it came close to the deadline, the government decided to extend the closure until the 30th April.  But that’s not all! Just when you think prohibition is about to meet its end, the Government is keeping ups all in suspense by announcing the possibility to extend the ban on sales of alcohol and cocktails.

Being stuck at home with stocked alcohol may keep you guys hydrated but drinking just Whisky on the Rock or Gin Tonic almost every other day can pretty boring and not all of us are mixologists or have the time to experiment particularly when your alcohol stocks are limited. Foodies Official Asia looked to our beloved bartenders, mixologist friends and brand ambassador from around the world for original recipes for the quarantine bound to make in their own kitchen. From easy recipes with common items found in the fridge or at the store and then some for those looking for something more challenging.


Buddy Ma Di
By Nuttawut “Wut” Jeerasatienkul, Monin Thailand’s Brand Ambassador
This drink was invented way before the coronavirus incident. Wut created this during the time he was competing in Diageo’s World Class bartender 2018, representing Vesper one of Thailand’s gems. He left the life of a bartender and now became Monin Thailand’s Brand Ambassador. We contacted Wut for this particular recipe because it’s tasty and fancy and you can borrow some ingredients from the fridge and kitchen cabinet.

Vodka                                        50ml (Can substitute with Gin)
Tomato Juice                           80ml
Sriracha Sauce                         10ml
Lime Juice                                10ml
Fish Sauce Syrup                       5ml
2 Slices of Bacon
Salted Pickled Lettuce
Mason Jar or Former Pickle Jar

– Make the fish sauce syrup. The measurement of the syrup in fish sauce is 1/10 of Simple syrup. If you pour syrup at 100 ml, you mix the fish sauce at 10 ml.
– Pour the alcohol, followed by tomato juice, Sriracha sauce, lime juice, fish sauce and simple syrup in a glass then put some crushed ice in the glass and twizzle.
– Stuff 2 slices of bacon with the pickled lettuce and stick them with a cocktail pick or toothpick and burn it with a burner or grill it and garnish your glass with it.


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Lazy Martini (Pre Batched)
By Lorenzo Antinori, Northern Asia Beverages Ambassador, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Hong Kong
Once worked as a bartender at one of the world’s greatest institutes, The American Bar at Savoy Hotel in London; and was a Head Bartender of a multiple awarded bar, Charles H. at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul; now Lorenzo is taking care supports bar operations throughout Northern Asia in his role as Beverage Ambassador for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, based in Hong Kong and when the Coronavirus crisis is over you can also visit this Italian Stallion at Caprice bar, Four Season Hong Kong.

Bulldog Gin                               500ml
Cold Brew Oolong Tea            200ml
Orange Zest                                    2
Lemon Twist
Martini or Thin Glass Cup

– Batch all the ingredients together then pour it in a bottle. Store the mixed alcohol in the freezer for at least 5 hours.
– When it’s been 5 hours, pour the premixed in your glass and serve it with your yellowy garnish.

Morning Sip
By Guntarit “Gun” Ruamthongrat, Head Bartender of Dibuk House, Phuket
This young star is one of Phuket’s proudest bartenders, acting as Head Bartender of Dibuk House, Phuket’s no. 1 bar. “Gun”, age 26, is considered to be Thailand’s promising great bartender. Known for having exquisite taste buds and a hard worker. Gun achieved as the First Runner Up of Mekhong the Spirit Competition 2020. Gun was booked to travel for guest shifts both in Thailand and Singapore but unfortunately, the COVID-19 happened so the event has now been postponed.

Whisky or Whiskey              30ml
Black Coffee                           20ml
Simple Syrup                         10ml
Lemon Juice                          15ml
Islay Whisky                            1tsp
Tonic or Soda
Lemon Peel
Highball or Any Tall Glass in Your House

– Pour all the ingredients in the glass filled with ice then top it with tonic or soda and dig a bar spoon into the mixed alcohol to build it up a bit.
– Squeeze the lemon peel on the drink and put it in the glass.


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That’s My Jam
By Joe Naik, Bartender at Haiiro Usagi
This talented young man from Johor Bahru, Malaysia is Malaysia’s Monkey Shoulder Ultimate Bartender 2018 and Malaysia’s La Cointreau Champion 2019. Not only he fixes you a cocktail that you want he also welcomes his guest with a sweet smile on his face. Joe is very positive and one of the lovely person. He often makes his friends and guest smile again after a bad day. When Coronavirus crisis is over make time to visit him at Haiiro Usagi.

Whisky                                        80ml
Simple Syrup                             20ml
Lemon Juice                              20ml
Fruit Jam                                    30g (Any berry jam will be amazing)
Any 150ml glass

– Pour everything in a shaker with ice, close the lid and shake. (Joe’s tip: if you don’t have shaker at home, you can use an airtight container or jar with a lid)

By Anonymous
When we asked for the recipe this person was eager to hand it to us within a few minutes on one condition that we would leave their name out of it. We could say that he is one of the good guys in the industry. This elusive person used to work in a high profile hotel before changing their career into a Brand Ambassador of an alcohol distributor company and a consultant for a small unique bar in the Chatuchak area.

Strawberry Soju                                    90ml
Red Hale’s Blue Boy                               5ml
Doi Kham Strawberry Juice               30ml
Lime Juice                                               15ml
Any 16 ouns glass

– Mix the alcohol with other ingredients except for ice and soda into the glass and stir.
– Pour soda first then ice in and stir again until you think it’s ready.

Lazy Old Fashioned (Pre Batched)
By Jay Gray, Co-Founder of Sago House, Singapore
Jason Michael Gray or Jay Gray or Former Ginger Monkey, to which he earned that nickname because of his red logs and glorious beard, was a bartender for roughly 9 years before joining William Grant & Sons as Monkey Shoulder’s Regional Brand Ambassador of Southeast Asia in January 2016. Now he left his life as Brand Ambassador and opens his bar called Sago House. Jason is known for skateboarding and being one of the most caring and generous people in the industry.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky                1 bottle
Simple Syrup                                    90ml
Angostura Bitters                             30ml
Orange Zest
Rock Glass

– Empty 100ml of the alcohol from the bottle.
– Add the simple syrup and Angostura Bitters to the bottle.
– Shake the bottle then store it in the fridge.
– Pour the Lazy Old Fashioned in a rock glass filled with ice, stir and add orange zest.


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Out of Sight
By Prapakorn “Pok” Khonglee, Bartender of #FindTheLockerRoom
A former bartender at Sooth Bar, Samui now working at #FindTheLockerRoom, a bar that co-founded by Asia’s high-profile bartender such as Hidetsugu Ueno; Bacardi Legacy’s Global Champion 2019, Ronaporn “Neung” Kanivichaporn; Multi-award-winning bartender, Nik Wu; Colin Chia and Chennarong “Janz” Bhumichitr, Pokhad competed in Bacardi Legacy Thailand 2020 and now he is one of the two Southeast Asia representatives to compete in the global round in Miami, set to happen once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Bacardi Carta Blanca                 45ml
Fresh Pineapple                          15-20 grams
Yoghurt                                         10ml
Agave Syrup                                 10ml
Lemon Juice                                 10ml
Sweet Basil                                    3-5 leaves
Sweet Basil Leaf
A Block Ice Cube
Coupe or Your Grandmother’s Ceramic Tea Cup

– Muddle fresh pineapple in a shaker then add the rest of the ingredients in. Stir a bit, then pour some ice in. Put the lid on the shaker and start shaking.
– When the drink is ready, strain the drink into the coupe glass.
– Garnish the drink with a block of ice and a leaf of sweet basil.


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Boozy Gin & Ginger
By Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Senior Bartender of Peter Bar at The Peninsula Tokyo
This bartender has a passion for tea and owns a tearoom or “Chashitsu” in Tokyo. Mitsuhiro won a number of awards eg. Patron the Perfectionists Japan in 2018, The Bombay Saphire WMIB Japan in 2015 and The Chivas Masters Japan 2014. Other than working in the beverage industry, he also practices Japanese traditional dance. He is not just a multi-awarded bartender he is multi-talented, as well.

Gin                                                 150ml
Dry Ginger Ale                             150ml
Grapefruit Juice
Highball or Any Tall Glass in Your House

– Put the ice and pour the alcohol and dry ginger ale in the highball then stir.
– Splash some grapefruit juice.

Dark & Stormy
By Arron Grendon, Head Bartender of Tropic City
Arron was the first Thai Bartender who won the global competition. In 2018 he was Chivas Masters Global Champion and brought smiles on people in the bar industry. This soft-spoken Phuket native who thrived at a very young age doesn’t let fame get into his head. He is very humble and only cares about delivering quality service to his customers. This Dark and Stormy isn’t his creation but he though Tropic City‘s version would keep us company during the lockdown.

Dark Rum                           50ml
Lime Juice                          30ml
Simple Syrup.                    20ml
Ginger Beer                      100ml
Mint Spring
Angostura Bitters
Highball or Any Tall Glass in Your House

– Pour all the ingredients except ginger beer into a shaker then fill the shaker with ice.
– Cover the shaker and start shaking.
– Fine strain the mixed alcohol into a highball with ice and pour the ginger beer.
– Stir lightly before floating Angostura bitters and mint spring.


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Paper Plan (Pre Batched)
By John Ng, Former Michter’s Whiskey’s Brand Ambassador Asia
When John was a bartender he used to compete in many competitions. and as a Brand Ambassador, he was ranked in Top 10 Brand Ambassador by Drink Magazine in 2018. He joined Michter’s Whiskey in 2016. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, he travelled around Asia extensively, performing guest shifts and bar conventions and sometimes you may see him in Europe at the Michter’s booth at the Bar Convent Berlin.

Michter’s Sour Mash                 200ml
Aperol                                           200ml
Amaro                                           200ml
Lemon Juice                                 100ml
Special Equipment
1lt Bottle
Coupe or Any Thin Glass Cup

– Mix all the ingredients and stir everything together.
– Pour the mix in the 1lt bottle.
– When drinking, just pour in the coupe glass with a cube of rock ice or a block of an ice cube.

Microwaved Herbal Infused Spirit
By Krit “Joey” Pragobdee,  Co-Founder of Cherry Cask Coffee
Joey used to compete in interesting competitions including the barista competition in 2019. He was also one of the finalists in The Chivas Masters Thailand 2019, but what Joey is famous for is his expertise in fermentation. He likes to experience with ingredients from exotic or difficult fruits and vegetables to something deliciously unimaginable, like yeast to flour ball. Now he has his own brand of coffee called Cherry Cask Coffee.

Any Botanical or Botanicals
Your Favourite Spirit                      1 bottle
Special Equipment
Microwaveable Container with Lid

– Pour your chosen poison in the microwavable container then put the botanical or botanicals in.
– Close the container and put it in the microwave for 5-10 minutes.
Strain everything back into the bottle and let it cool down a bit before storing it in the fridge.

A Michelada (BKF)
By Agung Prabowo, Co-founder of The Old Man Hong Kong, The Sea by The Old Man Hong Kong and The Old Man Singapore
This Indonesian-born bartender used to be a Head Bartender of Lobster Bar & Grill at Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong before deciding to open his own bar, The Old Man Hong Kong, inspired by Ernest Hemingway, with his pals, James Tamang and Roman Ghale in 2017. This bar was ranked in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018, World’s 50 Best Bar 2018, and in 2019 it was ranked no.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Agung and his friends decided to open The Sea by The Old Man and The Old Man in Singapore.

Fresh Lemon Juice                 ½
Hot Sauce or Chili Sauce        2 dashes
Very Cold Lager Beer
Mixed Spices
– Salt                                      1tsp
– Chili Powder                         1tsp
– Black Pepper                        1tsp
– Lime                                    1 wedge
Highball or Any Tall Glass in Your House

– Mix the salt, chilli powder and black pepper on a plate, rim the glass with the wedge lime first and rim the glass with the mixed spices. (If you’re done with this process and chill the glass in the fridge before mixing will heighten the sensation.)
– Add ice and squeeze the ½ lime into the glass followed by 2 dashes of hot sauce or chilli sauce then stir.


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Lazy Panky
By Kitibodee “Gov” Chortubtim, Co-Founder of Backstage Cocktail Bar and wasteland
Gov has a reputation for being one of the most creative bartenders in Thailand and loves to experiment with local ingredients. He’s also one of the co-founders of Backstage Cocktail Bar, one of Asia’ 50 Best Bars. He was Head Bartender of a defunct Libération, the first bar in Thailand to possess a rota evaporator to create cocktails, now opens a sustainable cocktail bar called wasteland inside Michelin-starred restaurant Bo.Lan. He also represented Thailand in Elite Art of Martini Global 2018 held in Bilbao, Spain and Diageo’s World Class Bartender Global 2019 held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Gin                                                           30ml
Prune Juice + Oolong Tea                  20ml
Stomachic Mixture                                 ½tsp (Can substitute with Fernet Branca)
Chewable Tablet Vitamin C
Coupe or Your Grandmother’s Ceramic Tea Cup

– Crush the vitamin C into fine powder in a mortar. Rim the coupe glass with the vitamin C powder.
– Mix the alcohol with other ingredients in the glass and stir a mixing glass or mixing bowl then pour in in that coupe glass.


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By David Rios, Global Brand Ambassador of G’Vine Gin, La Quintinye and Padre Azul
David was the Global Winner of Diageo’s World Class Bartender 2013. He started his career as a barman at the age of 18, then became a sommelier and maitre d’ at three-star Michelin restaurant Mugaritz and then Sheraton Hotel in Bilbao. He yearned for working behind the bar again and opened his own bar Jigger Cocktail Bar in Bilbao. Sadly, the bar is closed but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves. He works with G’Vine Gin and La Quintinye and at his own edible fragrance for cocktails and soon he’ll launch his brand of cocktail tongs.

Padre Azul Tequila Blanco                    30ml
Mixed Juice                                               25ml
Bitter Spoon Marmalade                          1 bar spoon
Champagne or Prosecco
Lemon Twist or Green Lemon Twist or David Rios’ Edible Fragrance My Memories
Wine Glass

– Make mixed juice with lime juice, grapefruit juice, ginger tea and agave syrup together.
– Mix the based alcohol, mixed juice and bitter orange marmalade together in the wine glass filled with ice then top it with sparkling wine of your choice.
– Garnish with a lemon twist or green lemon twist or spray David Rios’ Edible Fragrance.


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