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Rice debacle, Uncle Roger blogger controversy over BBC Food Egg Fried Rice video

BBC Food video went viral for the wrong reasons

It’s not a surprise that netizens, especially Asians, are going bonkers over this BBC Food video. This painful injustice has been one of the hottest talking points on social media in the past few days.

The controversial BBC Food video called, “Egg Fried Rice,” featured the British cook, host, and presenter Hersha Patel and her very peculiar rice cooking technique is four minutes of horror. She proceeded to throw raw rice grains into the pot without rinsing, add water using a teacup to measure the ratio, leave it to boil, then rather than lower the heat and let it simmer until the rice is cooked, she did the blasphemous thing by opening the lid to let the steam out from the pot of undercooked rice. She then drains the rice with a strainer before rinsing the totally halfway cooked rice with tap water.

At this point, most Asians are absolutely horrified. This is more the video on how NOT to cook rice.

What’s worse is knowing that BBC Food has previously posted a video on how to cook rice properly on their own channel — you rinse the raw rice first to get rid of excess starch, then add into the pot, add water with the 2:1 ratio. If you’re not sure, the proper ratio should be stated clearly on the side of the box even though the Asian way, we use the first knuckle for measurement. Bring the rice to a boil then leave it with the lid on until all the water has been absorbed and evaporated. It’s the steam that cooks the rice, not just the boiling water.

Apparently, this crime against rice has been such a controversy that even if the video was posted in April 2019, it has resurfaced with a vengeance thanks to a reaction video by UK-based Malaysian standup comedian Nigel Ng with his parodic persona, Uncle Roger.

Funny also that the same Uncle Roger posted a video on how to cook rice properly using a rice cooker to his channel as well.

Needless to say that Ng is not the only one flabbergasted with the cooking guide made by the professional cook since the netizens took to the BBC Food channels and left a piece of their minds about the Egg Fried Rice episode.

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BBC Food is a division of the BBC Online focusing on food and different recipes. Most of the recipes on the site are featured on television programs, but there are also original recipes as well. The channel aims to teach and encourage the audience to make these simple dishes at home. The website has been running since 2000 and is a part of BBC Learning, it is not related to the monthly magazine and media brand BBC Good Food (acquired by Immediate Media Company in 2918).

Hersha Patel is an award-winning presenter/filmmaker. She works in entertainment, comedy, food, travel, and adventure sports. She has her own YouTube channel called, “Cook with a Little Indian,” where she shares recipes with her audience. She is also an accomplished writer, director, and producer with her debut podcast in 2017 nominated for Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Award.

Uncle Roger, a parodic persona, is a creation of the UK-based Malaysian comedian, Nigel Ng. He has a fanbase following his light-hearted and albeit sarcastic comical persona on Uncle Roger YouTube and other social media channels.

The latest on the topic, we heard that BBC chef Hersha Patel and London-based Malaysian YouTuber Nigel Ng aka “Uncle Roger,” amicably met up over a weekend and now they are in discussion on a collaboration video together.

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