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siw a cup coffee pla-ra

How do you like your coffee? Maybe with a dash of cream, adding some milk or finishing off with a couple cubes of sugar. If you’re looking for an unconventional way to get your daily dose of caffeine, how about switching things up with an unexpected ingredient, something like coconut, durian, or even…Pla-ra?

siw a cup pla-ra coffee

You either love or hate Pla-ra, the infamous fermented fish from Southeast Asia. This seasoning is made with the process of fermenting fish with salt at first, then fermented the fish in roasted rice powder or rice brand and put away for at least 6 months. This results in an umami flavour that comes with a distinctive and pungent smell. If you can tolerate the smell, you’ll be rewarded with a delightful meal or as many Thai explained it as ‘nua’ (นัว) a word that means the dish is in perfect balance of flavours.

This unassuming coffee shop in Ang Thong province called Siw a Cup Coffee took advantage of the ‘nua’ flavour many Thais crave and came up with this unique menu. The shop runs by Fon Siwhalee and her brother,  which is where the word ‘Siw’ in  a Siw a Cup Coffee came from. “Since COVID-19, I have to move back home so I decided to start a coffee shop,” said Fon, the owner of Siw a Cup Coffee. 

Although you may think that fish and coffee wouldn’t go so well together, Siw a Cup Coffee actually has created quite a buzz amongst Pla-ra’s die hards who travel near and far to sample the coffee “The pla-ra in the coffee doesn’t smell at all, so it’s just giving the salty-sweet flavour to boost the coffee,” said one taster. 

siw a cup coffee pla-ra

If you’re not into the fishy aftertaste, they also got another hit stink, Durian Coffee! If you choose to play a bit safe they also got Brown Sugar Coffee, Coconut Coffee and also food menus as well. 

What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve tried? Let Foodies Official Asia know! 

Siw a Cup

Tel: +6683 225 2465

Address: 24/5 309 Rd., Phosa, Mueang Ang Thong District, Ang Thong 14000

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